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Cloud Computing World Magaine

Issue 22 October/November 2016



Hybrid Storage Solutions

Cloud Data Security

Digital Infrastructure

Next Generation WAN

Internet of Things

plus much more

Issue 21 August/September 2016


Moving Cloud to your Desktop

Hybrid IT

The Impact of Brexit on GDPR

Managing IT Systems

Cloud-based ERP Solutions?

Cloud Services

Issue 20 June 2016


Cloud Security

The EU regulatory landscape who to trust
with your data

Keep your eye on the ball during Euro 2016 Licensing-as-a-Service


Data Management

IT Infrastructure

Issue 19 May 2016


Connecting the Cloud

Delivering Connectivity

Cloud Solutions

Disaster Recovery

Data Security

Issue 18 April 2016


Cloud Technology

Make Your Business Cloud Comfortable

Cloud Infrastructure

Business Continuity

Data Protection

Issue 17 March 2016


Cloud Migration

The Journey into the Cloud

Data Protection

Cloud Applications

The World of IoT