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Cloud Computing World Magaine

Issue 19 May 2016


Connecting the Cloud

Delivering Connectivity

Cloud Solutions

Disaster Recovery

Data Security

Issue 18 April 2016


Cloud Technology

Make Your Business Cloud Comfortable

Cloud Infrastructure

Business Continuity

Data Protection

Issue 17 March 2016


Cloud Migration

The Journey into the Cloud

Data Protection

Cloud Applications

The World of IoT

Issue 16 February 2016


Cloud Back Up

Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery

Hybrid Cloud

The IoT in focus

Issue 15 January 2016


Network Infrastructure

A Cloud First Approach

Data Sovereignty

Integrating IT Resources

Disaster Recovery

Issue 14 December 2015


Keeping Up With the Cloud: Predictions for 2016

 Accelerating Cloud Storage

Cloud Services

Data Centre Space

IT Infrastructure