Navisite cloud infrastructure will host Deltion's multi-tenanted CarrierNet application environment and support long-term global growth 

Navisite announced that Deltion, a world leader in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for supply chain, logistics and transport management, has selected Navisite's managed cloud solutions to deploy its SaaS application solutions. Deltion chose Navisite for its proven, reliable infrastructure and ability to host, manage and maintain all elements of the environment supporting its customer applications. Deltion wanted to enable their team to focus purely on the development and management of their applications, delivering a better value proposition to their customers. Deltion's CarrierNet application is used by businesses for critical supply chain and logistics management, which means their clients need robust infrastructure and support to maintain availability and performance. Therefore, the company needed a partner able to host and manage the entire technology stack of its SaaS applications, including infrastructure, operating system, database, middleware, and web services.

The CarrierNet software has a multi-tenanted environment that allows customers to have their implementation tailored to meet unique needs. Important in supporting this system, Navisite was able to manage this environment, controlling and storing unique Deltion customer data as required to meet specific security and compliance needs. Navisite's comprehensive infrastructure approach provides a highly resilient and fully managed environment that enables Deltion to offer partners and customers higher Service Level Agreements than before.

Navisite was also selected for its global footprint and ability to support Deltion's long-term strategy. As the company looks to expand both its customer base and software partner network outside the UK, Navisite is able to provide regional infrastructure and local knowledge to meet the required data storage and regulatory needs for different geographies.

Akilen Pandian, Chief Technology Officer at Deltion UK said: "With Navisite, we can be confident that our customers' infrastructure service requirements are met and we do not have to spend time and resources managing the infrastructure underpinning our software applications. This means that we can focus entirely on our customers: making sure we better understand them, the environments they operate in and their needs, and, in turn, improve our applications to meet these unique and changing requirements."