trivago, the multi-national technology company specialising in Internet-related services and products in the hotel industry, has selected Dropbox Business to power its business spanning 55 markets around the world. trivago was the first hotel search engine in Germany, and has doubled its profitability since 2008. The company is growing quickly and needed a content collaboration platform that all its employees could use easily while having the ability to scale at pace and keep teams in sync. ''We want to equip our employees with the best tools possible,'' says Sian Williams, ‎Organisational Solutions, trivago. ''We now employ 1,200 people and are currently growing at 10 new employees per week, so we are building a digital tool kit everyone can use. It's great that Dropbox encourages the speed we want to work.”

Prior to selecting an EFSS and collaboration platform, trivago conducted trials and worked with employees on identifying the solution they felt would best fit their needs. Williams and her team saw high adoption in Dropbox, which was a key factor, and it complemented the existing Office 365 package that had already been deployed. "Dropbox and Office 365 work seamlessly with each other, and that integration was instrumental in a smooth deployment. People were actively wanting to take part in the trial, and we saw a huge uptake in uploading and sharing files via Dropbox, so we immediately knew we struck a chord with our employees,'' Williams added.

For Williams and trivago, a key priority was to bring the company together. ''When it came to deploy, we had a 'Dropbox Day,' which went really well and brought a real buzz into the company,'' says Williams. ''We are seeing rapid growth in Dropbox use and we have a Slack group dedicated to Dropbox learning and best practice, which really shows the team ethic we have at trivago.’’